8 NOVEMBER 2021  |  BY LOREN DESBRUSLAIS  •  3 min read

As the weather heats up and we're heading out, we are all looking to refresh our summer wardrobe. While vibrant prints and bold hues are having their time in the spotlight, you can’t go past a neutral outfit for a fresh, summer look. A monochromatic statement exudes elegance and brings out the summer tan!

Associated with elegance, peace and new beginning, white has always been a classic choice. From breezy summer dresses to lace tops and ruffled skirts, we have the styles you need to pull off a sophisticated look this season.


A delicate white dress is a closet staple. It instantly adds elegance and sophistication to your look. Wearing a white dress in a flattering cut is the key to pulling of this trend. Shift dresses and skater dresses are always an easy go-to option! Keep things fresh with neutral shoes or add a pop of colour with bright accessories. Shop our range of white dresses now to take you from the work week to a dreamy beach vacation.

Dreading that fancy white party? A bone, cream or beige is an easy way to introduce whites into your wardrobe. They suit a wider range of skin tones and are a little more subtle than our flashy whites.

When in doubt, turn to texture! Lace can elevate what would be a simple white dress or skirt. Mix different shades, fabrics and textures to add dimension to your outfit. Take our crochet knit for example. It's an effortless way to add white to your ensemble while keeping things casual and trendy.

A staple to any wardrobe, a white tee or tank will take you far. Offset your boho maxi, printed pants or trusty denim with a white top for a fresh look you can wear all summer.

White is classic, crisp and chic. And for those reasons (and many more!) it will never go out of style. It truly goes with everything and that includes white accessories too. Next time you are strutting your stuff in a coloured skirt or dress, grab a white handbag—it'll pop against the bright colour and look stunning!

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