28 OCTOBER 2021  |  BY MARIANNE CHEMUEL  •  5 min read

It’s important to look just as good even when you’re heading to bed.

We’re here to dish out some of the best pyjama styles you won’t feel guilty about wearing all day. I mean, who would want to take off super chic and cosy pyjamas?! Remember, nothing is off-limits. We’re seeing celebrities rock some nightwear styles out and about! Get creative.

What Do I Look For When Picking Pyjamas?

We’re here to tell you how to choose the pyjamas for a perfect night's sleep. Now, picking out your PJs may appear to be a pretty straightforward task. However, if you’re wanting a good night's sleep, choosing the right ensemble will be key. Here’s what to look out for.


It’s the worst feeling when you’re tossing and turning all night in uncomfortable PJs! Look out for collars, stretch in the fabric, elastic waistbands and other little details to ensure ultimate comfort.


The fabric of your pyjamas plays a crucial role! Cotton is one of our favourite materials because it’s so lightweight and breathable.


You’ll want an idea of what sort of silhouette will best suit your body type. One of our go-to’s are silk pyjamas that fall loosely on the body. Make sure you check sizing charts if buying online too.


You don’t have to opt for one specific style. Our favourite method is mixing and matching. Decide on a couple of neutral pieces and then swap shorts with pants when it gets cooler.


There are so many chic pyjama styles now. Don’t hold back when it comes to prints and patterns that can reflect your personality!

There are a number of sleepwear styles that we’re in love with right now. From sultry satin pieces to sweet graphic jersey sets, there are pyjamas for everyone. We’ve picked out our favourites for this season.

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